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1. Second partners meeting of SmartWomen Project
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... will help inspiring digital entrepreneurs to fully exploit the potential of ICT, both in terms of supply of new digital products and services, and in terms of demand and smart use of these technologies. ...
... in the domain of information and communication technologies and developing programmes on digital divide reduction and on digital skills education and training. This year's edition of the Conference is ...
3. Closing of activities #GOW15 in Spain
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Plan whose methodology is based on Providing Training, Information and Guidance, three concepts that sum up the working method whose bonding agent are Information and Communication Technologies, and whose ...
4. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fundación Dedalo
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... of the objectives attained by Fundación Dédalo during these 10 years promoting the use of technologies. Last 17 May, on the occasion of the World Information Society Day and the Internet Day, a ...
5. Dédalo to preside National Telecentre Association
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... training in new technologies. Among these new Managers, Fundación Dédalo (Tudela, Navarra) shall act as President. The new President of the Telecentre Community Association, Mr Joaquim Torrents, stated ...
6. Dédalo participates actively in the Get Online Week 2014
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... people attending these facilities to “get wired”, improve their employability by learning and using Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and learn how to use new digital tools essential for ...
... for elder people to fight social exclusion through the access to and training in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This project falls within the Lifelong Learning Programme of the Ministry ...
8. Dédalo participates in Lifelong Learning
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... to. The objective of the initiative is to provide tools for elder people to fight social exclusion through the access and training in Information and Communication Technologies. Knowbrid is a project ...
9. Radio Tudela Interview: E50+ Project Iceland
(Rincón Tecnológico/Rincón Tecnológico - English (United Kingdom))
... of the new technologies between the people aged 50 and older.  ...
10. Dédalo conducts ICT-VN final seminar
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Technologies Value Networks), financed by the European Union under the Interreg IVC Programme, was held on 14 November 2012 at the European Parliament. The Seminar allowed to highlight regional exchange ...
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... development strategies of small enterprises, through the use of new technologies, based on the exchange of best practices among the eight regions participating in the project. It is important to stress ...
... Technologies (ICTs) in the agri-foodstuffs, tourism and trade sectors. The project has identified 80 success stories on the promotion of ICTs in SMEs. Each participating region has selected one success ...
... yet always based on the promotion of new technologies within small companies. ICT-VN PROJECT ‘ICT Value Networks’ or ICT-VN is a project co-funded with ERDF funds and led by Fundación Dédalo. 10 ...
14. E50+ e-Skills to change the lives of 50+
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... main aim is to analyze the motivations of people aged 50 or over to use the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) through the interchange, study and learning visits. OBJECTIVES The ...
15. KnowBrid, Bridging the Generation Gap
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... seniors against social exclusion by providing access and training in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to create a bridge across technological gap between generations, caring seniors ...
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Environment of the government of Castilla y León and Fundación CEDETEL. Any person may attend the meetings (nine in all, one per province), held to bring technologies closer to citizens by encouraging ...
The 4th Meeting of the ICT-Value Networks Project was held last 5-6 April in Malta. Led by Fundación Dédalo, ICT-VN focuses on promoting regional development through the exchange of success ...
18. Services for Members and Users
(Páginas Estáticas/Cibercentro - English (United Kingdom))
... Library: access to manuals, reference books and information on Information & Communication Technologies.  - Self-learning: as a flexible means to further learning pathways at one’s own pace. ...
19. Telecentre
(Páginas Estáticas/Cibercentro - English (United Kingdom))
... and manage the centre. Our facilities are intended as a working area and as a place where newcomers can become acquainted with technologies using our resources and attending our courses and workshops. ...
(Páginas Estáticas/Servicios - English (United Kingdom))
The main objective of Dedalo Foundation is the promotion of Information Society, and the best way for that is an adecuate set of services. We allways look for collaborations. We know about technologies ...
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... to start new systems or services based on Information and Communication Technologies. These are our current projects: CITIZENSIHP Website contest Dedalo organizes, ...
22. Edad project
(Proyectos/Histórico - English (United Kingdom))
... with a twofold objective: preventing cognitive impairment. favouring their social integration through technologies. THE INITIATIVE IN NAVARRA The launch of the EDAD Project ...
23. ICT-VN
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores - English (United Kingdom))
... € and is co-financed by FEDER Funds. It aims to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the development of Value Networks in ...
(Noticias/Anuncios Destacados - English (United Kingdom))
Fundación Dédalo has oriented its services around innovation and creativity in the field of Information & Communication Technologies, the creation and dissemination of technological knowledge and ...
25. Dinamico Project
(Proyectos/Cooperación - English (United Kingdom))
... Ribera de Navarra, in close collaboration with Local Councils, as a way to promote the use of New Technologies and seeking: Gaining the utmost benefits for the area. Sharing resources. Fostering ...
26. Open Source Week
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores - English (United Kingdom))
...  Highlighting existing similarities in the use of different free and proprietary systems, showing their efficiency as full, practical and useful alternatives. Bringing free technologies closer with ...
27. Closed to ITC
(Proyectos/Cooperación - English (United Kingdom))
... objectives of this Plan is to promote the Information Society and the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) specially focused on those who have difficulties to access to the technologies, ...
28. IT Security Week
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION IT security means providing information and raising awareness on the appropriate use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This was and still is the objective ...
29. You drive the Internet
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... young people on the consequences of an inappropriate use of technologies, and to encourage a secure use thereof. Three lectures have been designed according to age ranges: 10 to 12 year-olds: ...
30. Companies
(Páginas Estáticas/Servicios - English (United Kingdom))
ICTs are not only technologies. They're the route to start new tools that improve your business value. The Information Society can give your company much more than just a set of computers with management ...
31. Citizenship
(Páginas Estáticas/Servicios - English (United Kingdom))
Promote the use of Information and Communication Technologies by the citicenship is one of the main working areas of Dedalo Foundation. We make our work with 3 main tools: -THE RESOURCES OF ...
32. Website Contest
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
...  The target of the activity are Group of friends or Associations of the Tudela's city. OBJECTIVES To promote New Technologies, giving to the citizenship the opportunity to access to the Information ...
33. Objectives
(Páginas Estáticas/Fundación Dédalo - English (United Kingdom))
...  -Promote the stablishment of new ways of working based on Information Society Technologies, specially TeleWorking. -Promote the social knowledge of ICTs and the available products, helping ...
34. General Information
(Páginas Estáticas/Fundación Dédalo - English (United Kingdom))
...  Mr. Sebastián Hualde Tapia Director of Organization Service and Modernization. General Direction of Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Public Innovation. Government of Navarra ...
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