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1. 15 entrepreneurs participate in Tudela in a workshop
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Tudela, July 7, 2017 The workshop was held in the premises of Dedalo Foundation in Tudela, between June 20 and 29 , in the framework of the project "European Incubator for Business Ideas", with ...
2. 75% of Spanish Fit4JOBS trainees find employment in Spain
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Thursday February 4, 2016 The Spanish FIT4Jobs pilot trained 40 young people in digital skills, teaching them the basics of Java programming, database management and soft skills for ...
3. Fit4JOBS helps young people to find a job
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Monday January 4, 2016 The Spanish Fit4Jobs pilot trained 40 young people in digital skills , teaching them the basics of Java programming, database management and soft skills for job ...
4. Launch of the European Platform i-LINC, join in!
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Thursday July 23, 2015 I-LINC aims to develop a sustainable and all-encompassing platform on the topic of ICT (for) learning and inclusion. The platform will focus on boosting the employability ...
Monday April 27, 2015 The FIT4JOBS project also shows how the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs acts at the local level. The FIT4JOBS partners’ team met in Lisbon April 20-22 to discuss the milestones ...
6. FIT4JOBS, sharing innovation across the EU
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Friday April 10, 2015 FIT is leading a consortium of partners from across Europe, engaged in piloting the FIT “training for Employment” model in five European countries including Greece, Latvia, ...
7. Closing of activities #GOW15 in Spain
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Friday March 27, 2015 The Get Online Week in Spain has closed in the morning of the 27th day of March with a Webinar on Women, Entrepreneurship and ICTs, plus the more than 90 training actions ...
8. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fundación Dedalo
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Monday May 19, 2014 The organisation celebrates its 10th anniversary by acknowledging the work of 10 persons and bodies. Over 36,000 persons reached, 2,200 training actions concluded, 137 companies ...
9. Dédalo to preside National Telecentre Association
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Friday May 9, 2014 Joaquim Torrents, elected Chairman of the Association in its General Meeting of 8 May. At the 6th Ordinary Meeting of the Telecentre Community, the members adopted the Activity ...
10. Dédalo participates actively in the Get Online Week 2014
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Tuesday March 18, 2014 As in previous years Fundación Dédalo is contributing to the GOW campaign by organizing different activities oriented to the acquisition of technological skills. GOW 2014 ...
11. Fundación Dédalo, host of the third meeting of the Knowbrid European project
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... from the four partner countries. For two days, participants have shared activities and experiences for elderly people to learn how to use these technologies, especially online communication tools such ...
12. Good Practice Guide in the use of ICT
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Thursday September 26, 2013 In the framework of the European project "e50 +: e-Skills to change the life of 50+" it has developed a guide that contains some case studies to promote the use of ...
13. Dédalo participates in Lifelong Learning
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... will develop a training pathway that will lead to a pilot action under which a group of young people will train elderly people in the use of these Technologies.  ...
14. Radio Tudela Interview: E50+ Project Iceland
(Rincón Tecnológico/Rincón Tecnológico - English (United Kingdom))
Radio show "Connected" (Conectados) of RadioTudela (http://www.radiotudela.com), Fundación Dédalo brings us closer to Europe thanks to the E50+ project. 20130415_conectados_nosacercaaeuropamano-E50+ ...
15. Radio Tudela Interview: e50+ Project London
(Rincón Tecnológico/Rincón Tecnológico - English (United Kingdom))
Radio show "Connected" of RadioTudela (http://www.radiotudela.com), about e50+ project (digital skills to change the lives of people over 50), where Dedalo Foundation takes part, and its last study visit ...
16. E50+ e-Skills to change the lives of 50+
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... project seeks the next objectives: Develop skills for motivation, training and support of e-Inclusion for elderly people across different cultures and places. Increase the quality of ICT training ...
17. KnowBrid, Bridging the Generation Gap
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... Information and Communication Technologies. Create a bridge across the technological gap between generations. Care the elderly people against isolation and open new horizons for their free ...
18. Verduras & Tweets
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
WHAT IS “VERDURAS & TWEETS”? Twitter, like other social networks such as Facebook, has become a huge social phenomenon over the Internet in recent years. The underlying philosophy of “twitter hangouts” ...
19. Cooperation
(Proyectos/Cooperación - English (United Kingdom))
Dinamizanet Formación online para dinamizadores/as y creación de una red social para compartir recursos y experiencia. Active Elderly People “Mayores con iniciativa” (“Active Elderly People”) ...
20. Citizenship
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
 Website contest Dedalo organizes, at the end of the year, the Contest of Website development for Associations or Groups of friends of Tudela's city. 'You drive the Internet' Promotion ...
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... social para compartir recursos y experiencia. Active Elderly People “Mayores con iniciativa” (“Active Elderly People”) is a project led by FUNDETEC under the “Avanza Ciudadanía Digital” sub-programme ...
22. Edad project
(Proyectos/Histórico - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION EDAD (acronym in Spanish for “Digital Literacy Dynamic Stimulation”, also meaning “AGE”) is an online training course for elderly people to become aware of and learn how to use computers, ...
(Noticias/Anuncios Destacados - English (United Kingdom))
DIGITAL LITERACY The Fundación offers a first hands-on contact with ICTs, notably Its and the Internet, offering especially courses for beginners: Thematic training pathways including several ...
24. Tools for disabled
(Proyectos/Cooperación - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION The project was the result of a collaboration between Fundacion Dedalo and ANFAS Delegacion Tudela (regional association for people with psychological disabilities), for the ...
25. Active Elderly People
(Proyectos/Cooperación - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION   “Mayores con iniciativa” (“Active Elderly People”) is a project led by FUNDETEC under the “Avanza Ciudadanía Digital” sub-programme with the purpose of bringing ICTs closer ...
26. Closed to ITC
(Proyectos/Cooperación - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION This is an initiative of the Navarra's Government included into the '2nd Plan for the Development of Information Society and the Telecommunications'. One of the three strategical ...
27. Recalling Tudela
(Proyectos/Histórico - English (United Kingdom))
... whilst favouring exchanges between different generations. This initiative brings elderly people and young people together – providing them a shared learning process and an opportunity to exchange their ...
28. IT Security Week
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION IT security means providing information and raising awareness on the appropriate use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). This was and still is the objective ...
29. Internet Day
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION Fundación Dédalo is one of the promoters of the “Internet Day” since the early editions of the event, being the only body in Navarre organising activities to celebrate the date. Participants ...
30. Internet Song
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION Fundación Dédalo, always involved in celebrating the Internet Day, now in its fifth edition, has  encouraged the creation of a song, a hymn of sorts, in line with the spirit of ...
31. You drive the Internet
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION Internet provides great advantages and opportunities: communication, information, leisure, knowledge, etc. However, organisations need to be aware of the eventual risks it entails ...
Jueves 23 de Julio 2015 Telecentre Europe se encuentra en pleno lanzamiento de la plataforma europea i-LINC. Se trata de un espacio de colaboración sobre las TIC en el aprendizaje y la inclusión, ...
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