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1. Second partners meeting of SmartWomen Project
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... eCommerce. The programme aims at increasing the knowledge and competences of female individuals in the area of electronic commerce and business to enable them to improve the employment prospects or business ...
2. Fit4JOBS helps young people to find a job
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Monday January 4, 2016 The Spanish Fit4Jobs pilot trained 40 young people in digital skills , teaching them the basics of Java programming, database management and soft skills for job ...
3. Dedalo participates in the Workshop Digital Competences
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Friday October 30, 2015 Dedalo Foundation participates in the Digital Skills workshop celebrated in Seville. Different digital competence models were discussed during the workshop organised by ...
4. Dédalo to preside National Telecentre Association
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... of ICT competences and strengthening its position in Europe as a benchmarking body within Telecentre-Europe, the European Telecentre Association, of which it is a member of the board since 2012. As for ...
5. E50+ e-Skills to change the lives of 50+
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION 'E50+: e-Skills to change the lives of 50+' project is included under the Grundtvig initiative in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commision. Its ...
6. KnowBrid, Bridging the Generation Gap
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION 'KnowBrid, Bridging the Generation Gap' project is included under the Grundtvig initiative in the LifeLong Learning Programme of the European Commision. Its main aim is to equip ...
(Noticias/Anuncios Destacados - English (United Kingdom))
... and multimedia tools. EMPLOYMENT THROUGH Certain training actions target specific groups of people, such as unemployed people, to support their acquisition of ITC-related professional competences ...
8. Active Elderly People
(Proyectos/Cooperación - English (United Kingdom))
... their social and technological integration. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Facilitating the acquisition of useful e-skills and ICT competences for the everyday life of elderly people. Devising ...
... casos de éxito en el uso de las Tecnologías por parte de la tercera edad desde el Cibercentro de Tudela. 2. Iniciativa ‘Competencias clave para todos’ ESPLAI lidera el proyecto europeo KC4all, www.keycompetences.eu. ...
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