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(Contact/ENROLLMENT - English (United Kingdom))
... 31500 Tudela, Navarra. Spain. 3. Dedalo Foundation reserves the right to cancel the activities in case of the minimum of attendants were not reached. In this case, if the payment has been done, it will ...
2. Smartwomen project national seminar in Spain
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Wednesday September 26th 2018 Come to know the results and objectives of the European Smartwomen project, its methodology, online platform, materials and real experiences of the students . A pilot ...
3. Second partners meeting of SmartWomen Project
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Langas į ateitį from Lithuania, LIKTA from Latvia, EOS from Romania, Dedalo Foundation for the Development of the Information Society from Spain, and Malta Communications Authority. The meeting covered ...
4. 75% of Spanish Fit4JOBS trainees find employment in Spain
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... job search and teamwork. After the programme ended, 30 out of 40 trainees signed an indefinite contract with the project’s main employer in Spain, the multinational EVERIS, a company committed ...
5. Fit4JOBS helps young people to find a job
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... search and teamwork.  After the programme ended, 30 out of 40 trainees signed an indefinite contract with the project’s main employer in Spain, the multinational EVERIS, a company committed to ...
6. Dedalo participates in the Workshop Digital Competences
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... experts have analyzed the status of regulation and planning in the field of digital skills set by the European Digital Agenda 2020 in Spain and also abroad, thanks to the participation of Telecentre Europe ...
... reached in this European Commission funded project which replicates the FIT (Ireland) training for employment model across five additional European countries: Greece, Portugal, Spain, Latvia and Lithuania. ...
8. FIT4JOBS, sharing innovation across the EU
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Lithuania, Portugal and Spain. The “training for employment” model pioneered by FIT is unique in its approach to employer engagement in the process and provision of softskills and support to students ...
9. Closing of activities #GOW15 in Spain
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
Friday March 27, 2015 The Get Online Week in Spain has closed in the morning of the 27th day of March with a Webinar on Women, Entrepreneurship and ICTs, plus the more than 90 training actions ...
10. Dédalo to preside National Telecentre Association
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... as benchmarking body in Spain." The Association must contribute to improve and increase the services provided by Telecentres and to foster its primary function of promoting the Information Society - ...
11. Fundación Dédalo, host of the third meeting of the Knowbrid European project
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, and is co-financed by the European Union. The initiative has brought together partners from the Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey and Spain, who are developing ...
12. Good Practice Guide in the use of ICT
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... development of adult motivations for the digital inclusion of older people in four European regions of the United Kingdom, Romania, Iceland and Spain. The best practices set out in the Guide try to ...
13. The European Day of Foundations and Donors, 1 October 2013
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Foundation Centre Russia: Russia Donors Forum Slovak Republic: Slovak Donors Forum Spain: Asociación Española de Fundaciones Switzerland: Swiss Foundations Ukraine: Ukrainian ...
14. Dédalo participates in Lifelong Learning
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... promoters from all around Spain. During the Follow-up Conference guidelines were given for good project management, including what requirements need to be met and how to elaborate financial and technical ...
15. Radio Tudela Interview: E50+ Project Iceland
(Rincón Tecnológico/Rincón Tecnológico - English (United Kingdom))
... Iceland in the framework of an European program, in which apart from Iceland and Spain, other partners take part from Romania and United Kingdom, and that is aimed to spread the usage ...
16. Dédalo conducts ICT-VN final seminar
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Dedalo from Tudela (Navarre, Spain), the lead partner of the ICT-VN Project, whose partnership has involved eight European regions. The event was also attended by Kelly Zielniewski (Project Officer of ...
17. E50+ e-Skills to change the lives of 50+
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... Tudela, Spain (24th and 25th April 2012) 2nd visit: Timisoara, Romania (20th and 21st June 2012) 3rd visit: London, United Kingdom (14th and 15th November 2012) 4th visit: ...
18. KnowBrid, Bridging the Generation Gap
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
...  2nd visit: Ankara, Turkey (10th and 11th July 2013) 3rd visit: Tudela, Spain (22nd and 23rd October 2013) 4th visita: Milan, Italy (23rd and 24th April 2014) PARTICIPANTS ...
19. ICT-VN
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores - English (United Kingdom))
...  Link Dedalo Foundation (Promoter and Lead Partner) Spain www.fundaciondedalo.org Regional Development Sector, R.A. C.T.I. Greece www.cti.gr ERVET Emilia Romagna Economic Development ...
20. Internet Day
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... Tudela (Navarre, Spain) and Coquimbo (Chile). The objective of the action was to establish new alliances with other countries and show how the Internet is an accessible tool allowing to bring together ...
21. Proyecto SMART WOMEN
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores)
...  LIKTA (Latvia) - https://www.likta.lv/EN/Pages/home.aspx EOS (Romania) - http://www.eos.ro/ ALL DIGITAL - http://all-digital.org/ Fundacion Dedalo (Spain) – www.fundaciondedalo.org  ...
... videos en https://www.facebook.com/eSkillsSpain2014. Por último, el Jurado seleccionará  los dos finalistas de entre los 5 videos más votados las obras ganadoras de los distintos premios. ...
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Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2007- 2013 de Navarra, para el proyecto de I+D “Hand Learning”.

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