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1. Dedalo participates in the Workshop Digital Competences
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... of Digital Skills Framework (DIGCOMP); a training catalog based on the needs and interests of users; a tool for self-assessment of own digital skills, which will enable each person to know their starting ...
2. Dédalo participates actively in the Get Online Week 2014
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...  Hunting for digital jobs – events with local SMEs, ICT companies and employment offices ICT-certification – free vouchers from the industry eSkills for employment training using a range ...
3. Dédalo conducts ICT-VN final seminar
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... Dédalo, Mr Pablo Zalba, stated that SMEs today play a key role to fight unemployment, for which purpose it is necessary to trigger the mechanisms required to increase their competitiveness and to create ...
... Technologies (ICTs) in the agri-foodstuffs, tourism and trade sectors. The project has identified 80 success stories on the promotion of ICTs in SMEs. Each participating region has selected one success ...
... in Denmark, whose purpose is to integrate of new initiatives promoting the regional development of SMEs in ICT programmes. Similar initiatives are being carried out in Navarre in collaboration with CEIN, ...
(Noticias/Latest News - English (United Kingdom))
... cooperation networks and to promote the use of ICTs by SMEs, with the purpose of fostering regional development in the trade, tourism and agri-food sectors. Fundación Dédalo put forward the working methodology ...
... stories in regional policies seeking to encourage the use of ICTs by SMEs in the agri-food, tourism and trade sector. Different experiences in regional policies were selected and studied during the previous ...
8. Companies
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores - English (United Kingdom))
... Project aimed to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices in ICT for the development of Value Networks in SMEs. e-commerce Portal A new initiative to create an e-Commerce Portal with the ...
(Proyectos/Ciudadanía - English (United Kingdom))
... and best practices in ICT for the development of Value Networks in SMEs. Respuesta Digital COOPERATION Dinamizanet Formación online para dinamizadores/as y creación de una red ...
10. ICT-VN
(Proyectos/Empresas / Emprendedores - English (United Kingdom))
INTRODUCTION The ICT-VN project, 'Promoting of ICT’s usage by SMEs as an enabler of Value Networks', is framed inside the European Interreg IV C initiative, it has a budget of 2.2 m ...
11. Vota tu presupuesto participativo Tudela (TFD-TUT-18007) (2018-02-14)
(Events Calendar/Vota tu presupuesto participativo Tudela (TFD-TUT-18007))
Vota tu presupuesto participativo Tudela (TFD-TUT-18007) Duración: 1h Tú Propones, Tú eliges y el Ayuntamiento lo hace. 200.000 euros del presupuesto del año 2018 de Tudela a proyectos municipales. Taller ...
12. CURSO: Emprendimiento y comercio electronico (CFD-IT2-18004) (2018-05-21)
(Events Calendar/CURSO: Emprendimiento y comercio electronico (CFD-IT2-18004))
CURSO: Emprendimiento y comercio electronico (CFD-IT2-18004) Duración: 64 horas Presencial y Online Presencial: 21,24,30 de mayo y 5,11 de junio De Lunes a Viernes, de 9:00 a 14:00 horas. Curso ...
... on ICT for SMEs” de Fundación Dédalo.   Asociación Comunidad de Redes de Telecentros La Asociación (www.comunidaddetelecentros.net) es una entidad constituida en el año 2008 con el fin de agrupar ...
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Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2007- 2013 de Navarra, para el proyecto de I+D “Hand Learning”.

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