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Projects are the Foundation's way of growing. We launch projects to develop new services os improve the existing ones, looking for collaborations with companies or other organizations in order to start new systems or services based on Information and Communication Technologies.

These are our current projects:


Website contest

Dedalo organizes, at the end of the year, the Contest of Website development for Associations or Groups of friends of Tudela's city.  

'You drive the Internet'

Promotion of a secure use of the Internet between educational community: children, parents an teachers.

Internet Song

Fundación Dédalo, always involved in celebrating the Internet Day, now in its fifth edition, has  encouraged the creation of a song, a hymn of sorts, in line with the spirit of this worldwide event, the Internet Day (www.diadeinternet.org). The song is intended to unite music and the Internet, bringing more people closer to the Internet.

Internet Day

Fundación Dédalo is one of the promoters of the “Internet Day” since the early editions of the event, being the only body in Navarre organising activities to celebrate the date. Participants to the “II World Summit on the Information Society” held in Tunisia in November 2005 proposed to celebrate the Information Society Day on the 17 May to promote the use of the Internet and contribute to a better understanding of the Internet and its importance as world-level resource.

Verduras & Tweets

'Verduras & Tweets' is an initiative launched by Fundación Dédalo to connect gastronomy and technology through ICTs and Twitter, bringing them together on the occasion of the Annual Vegetable Conference held in Tudela - “Jornadas de exaltación y Fiesta de la Verduras”.

E50+: e-Skills to change the lives of 50+

This project is included under the Grundtvig initiative in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commision. Its main aim is to analyze the motivations of people aged 50 or over to use the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) through the interchange, study and learning visits.

KnowBrid, Bridging the Generation Gap

This project is included under the Grundtvig initiative in the LifeLong Learning Programme of the European Commision. Its main aim is to equip seniors against social exclusion by providing access and training in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in order to create a bridge across technological gap between generations, caring seniors against isolation and opening new horizons for using their free time efficiently.


Teleworking promotion

Campaign to foster the telework in companies, entities and public institutions.

Open Source Week

Promotion of Open Source solutions in Navarra's region.

IT Security Week

Spreading a ICT secure culture in the professional, personal and institutional scenarios.

ICT-Value Networks

Project aimed to promote the exchange of experiences and best practices in ICT for the development of Value Networks in SMEs.

Respuesta Digital



Formación online para dinamizadores/as y creación de una red social para compartir recursos y experiencia.

Active Elderly People

“Mayores con iniciativa” (“Active Elderly People”) is a project led by FUNDETEC under the “Avanza Ciudadanía Digital” sub-programme with the purpose of bringing ICTs closer to elderly people and get these people to play an active role in the Information Society.

Training tools for disabled people

Development of educational tools for intellectual disabled people.

Dinamico Project
Activities for the joint promotion of ICTs in the Telecentres of the Ribera de Navarra.

Closed to ICT

This is a Navarra's Government initiative in which participates Dedalo by the organization of basic training actions for elder people and women.



This is a project of the European Union called Leonardo da Vinci, whose main aim is to improve the quality and to increase the cooperation of institutions in order to transfer innovation and knowledge.


Fundación Dédalo plantea el proyecto ComTIC con el fin de incentivar la colaboración y las alianzas empresariales entre las empresas de la Ribera, fomentando su especialización, y promoviendo un mayor desarrollo del sector de las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación, el sector TIC.

Recalling Tudela (Tudela desde la memoria)

Encourage ICT activities among two generations: elder and young people.

Blended Learning

Face-to-face training actions are evolving towards more flexible learning systems, such as on-line training or blended learning, to adapt to the new needs of students.

e-commerce Portal
A new initiative to create an e-Commerce Portal with the Retailers Association of Tudela.

Edad Project

EDAD (acronym in Spanish for “Digital Literacy Dynamic Stimulation”, also meaning “AGE”) is an online training course for elderly people to become aware of and learn how to use computers.

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Asociación de Telecentros Telecentre-Europe

Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2007- 2013 de Navarra, para el proyecto de I+D “Hand Learning”.
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