Firefox Quantum: potencia y rapidez para navegar

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Viernes 5 de enero 2018


Firefox ha lanzado la versión 57 de su navegador, llamada Quantum, con muchos cambios respecto a versiones anteriores


WordPress, el gestor de páginas web libre más utilizado

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Viernes 22 de Diciembre 2017


WordPress comenzó en 2003 como una plataforma de blogging. Con el tiempo ha ido evolucionando a un sistema CMS


Libre Office, la mejor alternativa ofimática Open Source

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Jueves 7 de Diciembre 2017


Libre Office es una poderosa suite ofimática con una interfaz limpia y unas potentes herramientas que permiten aumentar




Fundación Dédalo has oriented its services around innovation and creativity in the field of Information & Communication Technologies, the creation and dissemination of technological knowledge and the promotion of ICTs. IT Security is one of our dedicated fields. We are encouraging and promoting a responsible and safe use of technologies for more than five years. PROJECT ’You drive the Internet’Since 2007 Fundación Dédalo is conducting a campaign whose purpose is to encourage a safer use of the Internet and Social Networks in particular for the school community: - primary and secondary education students - families - teaching staff Discover the Project ’You drive the Internet’ IT Security WeekUnder the slogan ’Information is the best protection’, Fundación Dédalo is organising since 2005 the IT Security Week, bringing together leading experts and companies at national level in the field of IT security. The objectives of the Weeks is to encourage a responsible use of technologies, to inform on how minors use the Internet, to raise the concern on personal data processing operations and to promote the use of security tools and instruments. More information on the Security Week



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{nomultithumb} DIGITAL LITERACYThe Fundación offers a first hands-on contact with ICTs, notably Its and the Internet, offering especially courses for beginners: Thematic training pathways including several courses under a common theme to propose sequential training packages. 1-hour customized tutorials to address a specific issue. New training actions on software upgrades, freeware, “social media” applications and multimedia tools. EMPLOYMENT THROUGHCertain training actions target specific groups of people, such as unemployed people, to support their acquisition of ITC-related professional competences and thus facilitate their employability. The purpose is to transform the theoretical objectives of the courses into practical knowledge. ADVANCED ICT TRAININGOur training catalogue includes advanced courses for professionals and companies on specific fields of activity, emerging training areas or company-specific demands. Our philosophy at the Fundación is to create synergies with other agents to channel and provide training in collaboration with other entities, whether at local, regional or national level.Check our training schedule and plan and enrol in the actions suiting you most!
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Asociación de Telecentros Telecentre-Europe

Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2007- 2013 de Navarra, para el proyecto de I+D “Hand Learning”.

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